Monday, February 6, 2012

Testing, One, Two...

I am having a hard time deciding on a subject for my very first blog.  I feel so tech-savy.  First I get a Twitter account and Tweet a few times, now my own blog.  Yet how to really distinguish myself...

I know:  I'll give you a glimpse inside the ADHD brain.

First, when I think of the word "blog" I think "blahhhh-g".  I am not really feeling blah, just sounds like blog.  Then I think of the word "bog", just because it rhymes.  Then I think of "The Bog of Eternal Stench".  Then Labyrinth, then David Bowie, Muppets, back to David Bowie (because he's hot), The Hunger, Catherine Deneuve, Shubert (music played by David Bowie in movie)... and I reach the end of that rabbit hole.

Lastly, I think of the word "log", because it also rhymes.  Log makes me think of very juvenile things like Beavis and Butthead, heh heh heh, heh.  I said log.  Heh heh heh.  Okay, if you get all of that you will probably get me.

So why have I decided to write?  Because I have nothing better to do?  Eating bon-bons and watching Erica Kane got old?  Actually, I feel I have something to contribute.  I am stubborn and willing to try to figure out anything and everything.  I am willing to ask questions that garner funny looks.  I have learned all about Asperger Syndrome, sensory disorders, starting a business, being an employer, health care reform, renovation a historic house... oh my the list goes on.  I continue to learn from my patients.  I am very interested in how to make people healthier with better balance and a return to old ways of living and eating.

So this is the end of the beginning, my very first blog.  Heh, heh.  I said blog.  More to come soon....

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  1. Some adjectives to go along with the roles you listed: kind, extraordinary, gentle, real, compassionate, active, strong, fun, youthful, creative, adventuresome, life-generating/fostering/renewing, pretty, dedicated, accomplished, wonderful, blessing... and there are many more to add but I think readers will get the gist. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say. XOX.